Arbor Ales – Meet the Brewer

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To all those who have bought tickets for the event, it would help Ian if you were to pre order your pizza, your choice is below.

Message The Hop on Facebook with your choice


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Ian is off sunning himself this week so pizza opportunities are not good.

I’ll try and update if things change.



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Arbor meet the brewer

ARBOR ALES – meet the brewer

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A date for your diaries, Tuesday 12th September.  John from Arbor Ales is coming to The Hop to talk about all the good stuff they do.

This will be a ticketed event, more to follow soon.

Hop diggity dawg

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It’s too darn hot as I believe Cole Porter once remarked. Talking of Porter, we do have one on tap tonight along with the normal wide variety of good stuff.

If you like your beer a bit colder and fizzier we have just had some new keg lines added. For a limited time we have Palm back on tap (I bought the last 9 kegs in the UK!!!!). We also have De Koninck, a belgian pale(ish) ale from Antwerp and from Tiny Rebel we have Clwb Tropicana, it’s not a typo – they’re Welsh, a 5.6 fruit salad in a glass pale ale.

Something for everyone to wash down their pizza with.

Spring has sprung

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So to all you he-men out there who are convinced that t shirt, shorts and flip flops in sub-zero temperatures is a good look, I have some news.

It is now just about appropriate to do so.

Me? I’m too busy wearing multiple layers of merino wool and polartec fleece inside and wind and waterproof shell to give any heed to when such a dumb fad started.

Come and have a beer at The Hop tonight……………………………..

……………………………..and wear long trousers!

The luck of the Irish

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Speaking as an Englishman I am rather hoping the luck of the Irish ran out at Cheltenham yesterday.

I have to admit it is squeaky bum time for yours truly at the moment because the Irish have pi**ed on English fireworks in the past. I’d settle for 3-0 with a 79th minute pen to give us the Grand Slam but, as they say in Dublin, “Que sera sera”.

Whatever your allegiance, all three games will be on in The Hop so come and donate your Gold Cup winnings to a deserving cause……………………….. ME!

Is it payday week?

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Do you know what? I’m not sure.

Maybe it’s because last Friday and Saturday were really busy. On Friday I thought there was a gin drinking tournament taking place!

We have some good stuff in the cellar including GWB, Arbor and Plain Ales. We also have a cask of Ramsbury Belapur IPA. Also a few beers from breweries we’ve not had before such as Cotleigh from down Taunton way in Zummerzet and a beer from Triple fff in Alton, Hants – Alton Pride which has won lots of awards over the years.

Did I mention Bristol Beer Factory? No? Well have a couple of theirs to throw into the mix.

Sorry but not a clue at the moment when any of them might be going on. Whatever you have is going to be good.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget the rugby on Saturday and Sunday.

17th Feb – are all those red roses wilting yet?

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Post Valentinian greetings to you all

It’s getting warmer but to still cheer you up a bit we’ve got a couple of typical Arbors (pale and fruity), we’ve got two new XTs (again both pale).

The next stout / porter on will be from our very own Old Town Brewery, 4.5% “Bushwhacker” porter.

Add to this some beers from the Electric Bear brewery in Bath, new to The Hop, and a lip smacking 7.5% IPA from Firebrand in Cornwall ther has got to be something there to tickle your fancy and wash down your pizza!

New Year’s Resolution

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Well, here we are on Thursday 9th February and I feel it’s time for my new year’s resolution. At this stage all you Twitterites may want to go to the website because this may ramble on a bit. Continue reading »