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It’s getting nippy, could winter be on its way?

I’ve ordered a load of wood for the old log burner so I guess it must be.

Anyway I’m sure you’re all keen to know what’s on tonight:

  • Great Uncle John Prohibition Ale, 4.6% Red Ale from Milk Street
  • Essex Boys, 3.8% Amber from Crouch Vale
  • Cask Pilsner from Lancaster Ales @ 4.5%
  • Smokescreen smoked porter from Arbor @ 5.5%


Keep your eyes peeled for 3 more on the shelves soon. I must stop going to Magnum gin tastings!!!!!!!!!!!

Beers tonight

I’ll post this before I come out from behind the sofa to watch England v Australia. Nervous? Apprehensive? You bet…………..

Beers tonight

Tackle down under from Ramsbury (3.9%)

Dark Lane Porter (5.5%) and Doing Little Bitter (4.2%) from Castle Combe

XT3 (4.2%)

Now that’s done I can start chewing my fingernails again.

Blimey, the sun’s shining!

Tonight, for your delight and delectation we have:

Great Dane & Great Bustard (4.6% Pale & 4.8% Amber) from Stonehenge

Beautiful British Beer, favoured by Al Murray – the pub landlord (4% pale) brewed by Gadd’s in Ramsgate

Nero by Milton a lovely black beer at 5%

Up and coming are two Oakham beers, Citra (4.2%) and Green Devil (5%). Also Lytham Stout (4.6%) and Slumbering Monk from Joules in Market Drayton (copper coloured and 4.5%)

Also don’t forget

Bank Holiday Saturday, at least it’s not raining.

Tonight we have on:

  • Hop Inn Ale (4%) from Ramsbury
  • Radler (3.8%) from Lytham Brewery
  • Posh IPA (5.4%) from Yeovil
  • Anubis Porter (5.2%) from Raw
  • Old Higby (4.8%) from GWB

A couple of fruity little numbers on today

We have Arbor’s Fuzzy Logic, a saison with kiwi fruit(!!), at a cheeky little 7%.

Also, Ramsbury’s Ramsberry (geddit?), 4.2% golden flavoured with raspberries. I’m not convinced, a bit of a marmite beer IMHO.

The Yeovil Ruby is still on, as is their Stout Hearted.

Just time to say

Tonight’s beers are:

  • Hop Inn Ale 4% from Ramsbury
  • Ruby, 4.5% from Yeovil Brewery
  • Stout Hearted, 4.3% stout, also from Yeovil
  • GWB’s Summer Knights 3.8%

Gotta dash………………………………………………………………..

Ashes to Ashes!!!!!!!!!

Listen carefully, that tinkling noise is the tumble of Australian wickets.

It just doesn’t get much sweeter and we even have (or probably had) a beer called BARMY ARMY on. Damn it’s gone now, but we do have:

  • Pioneer from the Frontier brewery in Derby – 4.3% Golden
  • Mr Chubb from West Berks – 3.7% Pale copper
  • Yakima Valley from Arbor in Bristol – a stonking 7% Pale
  • Entire Stout from Hopback in Salisbury – 4.5%


To quote the sage Homer Simpson

Woo hoo it’s Friday.

We don’t have any Duff’s beer and we never sell any duff beer (geddit?), but what we do have is:

  • Bath Best from Abbey Ales (4%)
  • Amarillo from Milk Street Brewery in Frome (4.6% Pale)
  • Mr Swift’s Pale Ale from West Berks Brewery (4%)
  • Hop Inn Ale from Ramsbury (4%)
  • Cornish Porter from Coastal (5%)

Tapped and waiting are:

  • Motueka IPA from Arbor (government health warning 6.7%)
  • Hop Monster from Coastal (3.8% pale)

It’s persisting down, you’d better come and have a beer.

………….we’ve got

  • Beast of Bodmin from Penpont, 5% Brown and malty
  • SMAC my brew up from Arbor, 4.8% fruity pale ale
  • Archer from Lincoln Green, 4% APA
  • Tuck, 5% porter, also from Lincoln Green

Waiting downstairs we’ve got

  • Redwood, 4.8% red beer from Grain in Norfolk
  • A Bomb from Arbor
  • Year of Hops (featuring Calypso hop) , 4.4% pale, also from Grain

We were rammed last night (yippee)

All the beers I posted last night have gone (except the Dogbolter and that’s nearly gone)!!!!

What’s more, the Lincoln Green “Sherwood” is nearly gone as well.

So we have:

  • Sherwood (4.4%) a pale ale from Lincoln Green
  • Breakout IPA (6.5%) from Firebrand in Cornwall
  • Beast of Bodmin (5%) another Cornish beer, a chestnut ale from Penpont

and tapped in the cellar are:

  • Tuck, a 4.7% Porter from Lincoln Green
  • Shipwreck Coast, 4.4% Golden from Penpont
  • Flerovium, a 4% American Pale Ale from Lincoln Green

Also, I went to the gin tasting at Magnum last night, purely for market research you understand, and next week I’ll have another four on the shelves. I will reveal all next week.