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We’re not on the map but THE HOP INN will be buzzing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gin menu

We have expanded our range of Gins (and tonics) for you to try. Again we have tried to be a bit different, no Bombay Sapphire or Hendricks , not because they aren’t good but because you can get them widely about the place.

Here is our offering

Gin Menu

  • Greenall’s       5% £2.50/25ml
  • Bloom 40%   £3.00/25ml
  • Citadelle     (France)  44%   £3.00/25ml
  • Botanist (Isle of Islay) 46%   £3.50/25ml
  • Warner Edwards 44%   £3.50/25ml
  • Cotswolds (Bourton on the Water) 41%   £3.50/25ml
  • Monkey 47 (Germany) 47%   £5.00/25ml

Tonic Menu

  • Fentimans 125ml       £1.10
  • Fever Tree 200ml       £1.50
  • Bermondsey Tonic Water £1.50*
*A recipe comprising only four ingredients, and with no artificial preservatives or colours, BTW has been designed to complement the flavour of your chosen spirit, without the over powering bitter-sweet aspect found in commercially available tonics
Made with naturally occurring Quinine, from the bark of the Cinchona tree, BTW is left part filtered for a smoother and more authentic taste

Birthday Beers

Beers on tonight are:

  • Black Bess stout from York Brewery (4.2%)
  • Raspberry Ripper from Downton (4.5%) – one of your five a day.
  • Pride from Saltaire (3.9%)
  • Geek Unique from Beer Geek (3.8%)


Coming up are

  • Goat’s Leap (5.5%) from Cheddar Ales
  • Ragman’s Trumpet from Arbor (4.3%)
  • Whistle Stop (5%) from Shardlow
  • Uffington Castle (4.2%) from Three Castles

Movember 13

I’d quite like to have a bit of  fun and try to raise some money in the fight against testicular cancer  by supporting the Movember 13 campaign. Post something on the Hop Inn Face book page if you fancy joining in.


Mea Culpa

I’ve been remiss in updating the beers list lately but here’s the current selection:

  • XT 9 from XT in Tring (5.5%)
  • Voluoptuous Vicky (Ooooer!!) from Wold Top (4.4%)
  • Brighton Blonde from WJ King (3.9%)
  • Saltaire Blonde from Saltaire (4%)

Headland Red wasn’t ready last night.

So we put on Angler’s Reward from Wold Top (4%)

Try the Scottish Joker, a very close approximztion of an American IPA (IMHO)