Gin menu

We have expanded our range of Gins (and tonics) for you to try. Again we have tried to be a bit different, no Bombay Sapphire or Hendricks , not because they aren’t good but because you can get them widely about the place.

Here is our offering

Gin Menu

  • Greenall’s       5% £2.50/25ml
  • Bloom 40%   £3.00/25ml
  • Citadelle     (France)  44%   £3.00/25ml
  • Botanist (Isle of Islay) 46%   £3.50/25ml
  • Warner Edwards 44%   £3.50/25ml
  • Cotswolds (Bourton on the Water) 41%   £3.50/25ml
  • Monkey 47 (Germany) 47%   £5.00/25ml

Tonic Menu

  • Fentimans 125ml       £1.10
  • Fever Tree 200ml       £1.50
  • Bermondsey Tonic Water £1.50*
*A recipe comprising only four ingredients, and with no artificial preservatives or colours, BTW has been designed to complement the flavour of your chosen spirit, without the over powering bitter-sweet aspect found in commercially available tonics
Made with naturally occurring Quinine, from the bark of the Cinchona tree, BTW is left part filtered for a smoother and more authentic taste