New Year’s Resolution

Well, here we are on Thursday 9th February and I feel it’s time for my new year’s resolution. At this stage all you Twitterites may want to go to the website because this may ramble on a bit.

Full of good intentions and youthful vigour (all right, old git’s curmudgeonly reluctance) I used to post on here every Friday with a taster of what was likely to be on tap, beerwise, over the forthcoming weekend.

Well we all know what the road to hell is paved with, if you don’t then Google is your friend, and my weekly postings ground to a halt some months ago.

But lo! I have seen the light and I have resolved to get my a**e in gear.

You probably know all the good stuff we do, ever changing cask beers, properly brewed lagers, a great bottled beer and cider selection (just being updated), toothsome pizzas courtesy of Ian of POP UP Pizza fame.

Watch this space for updates on:

  • Book Club
  • Vinyl night – music that is, not an invitation to the local SM and bondage community
  • Updates on the art hanging on our walls