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We’re not on the map but THE HOP INN will be buzzing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arbor Ales – Meet the Brewer


To all those who have bought tickets for the event, it would help Ian if you were to pre order your pizza, your choice is below.

Message The Hop on Facebook with your choice


Arbor meet the brewer

ARBOR ALES – meet the brewer

A date for your diaries, Tuesday 12th September.  John from Arbor Ales is coming to The Hop to talk about all the good stuff they do.

This will be a ticketed event, more to follow soon.

The luck of the Irish

Speaking as an Englishman I am rather hoping the luck of the Irish ran out at Cheltenham yesterday.

I have to admit it is squeaky bum time for yours truly at the moment because the Irish have pi**ed on English fireworks in the past. I’d settle for 3-0 with a 79th minute pen to give us the Grand Slam but, as they say in Dublin, “Que sera sera”.

Whatever your allegiance, all three games will be on in The Hop so come and donate your Gold Cup winnings to a deserving cause……………………….. ME!


That’s an order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weather’s going to be good and we will be serving in the Arts Centre courtyard along with Rays Ice Cream.

Music too.

We have beef and ale sausages and GOLDEN HOP ALE, a cheeky little 4.1% number at £3 per pint. Plus, obviously, all the other good stuff in the bar

Sausage and Ale Trail – Sunday September 7th

Make a note in your diaries.

Christmas raffle draw

We had intended to have the draw on Thursday night but we were too damn busy.

PLAN B – we are now going to do it on Sunday afternoon at about 2pm so come along and see what you have won.

We have lots of of goodies on offer including a Samsung 7″ android tablet as first prize .

Belgian Beer Tasting Evening

The nice man from Duvel Moortgat is going to do a Belgian Beer Tasting evening in March, date TBA.

Further details soon.

Happy Christmas to all our customers

I have been a little remiss in updating the beers during the last week but for those of you who take an interest here is the list of the 139 (yes 139!!!!) different cask ales we have put on since October:

Brewery Beer ABV
Ramsbury Hop Inn 4.0%
Ramsbury Silver Pig 4.7%
Ramsbury Howl-O-Scream 4.1%
Ramsbury Flintknapper 4.2%
Ramsbury Old Chestnut 4.3%
Ramsbury Hop 100 3.8%
Ramsbury Rum Truffle 5.6%
Ramsbury Black Ram 4.1%
Ramsbury Belapur 5.5%
Ramsbury Gold 4.5%
Ramsbury Popham’s Pride 3.7%
Arbor Artisan 4.8%
Arbor Mutiny – Coconut Stout 5.8%
Arbor Dr Rudi IPA 6.5%
Arbor Hunny Beer 4.2%
Arbor Oyster Stout 4.6%
Bespoke Saved by the Bell 3.8%
Bespoke Money For Old Rope 4.8%
Blakemere Nectar 4.2%
Braydon Ales Yertiz 4.1%
Braydon Ales Potwalloper 4.4%
Braydon Ales Gert Ale 4.8%
Brecon Cwrw-istmas Beacons 4.2%
Bridestone Sandstone 3.9%
Bridestone Pennine Gold 4.3%
Bridestone American Pale Ale 5.0%
Bridestone Dark Mild 4.5%
Burton Bridge Bitter 4.2%
Burton Bridge Porter 4.5%
Burton Bridge Sovereign Gold 4.0%
Coastal Cornish Cascade 5.0%
Coastal Angelina 4.1%
Cotswold Spring Codger 4.2%
Cotswold Spring Stunner 4.0%
Cotswold Spring Trooper 5.2%
Cotswold Spring Best in Show 4.2%
Cotswold Spring Shepherd’s Delight 3.6%
Cotswold Spring Ambler 3.8%
Cotswold Spring Rascal 4.7%
Fry’s Chough Gold 4.7%
Gadd’s Dark Conspiracy 4.9%
Gadd’s No. 5 4.4%
Gadd’s Seasider 4.3%
Great Orme Cambria 3.8%
Great Orme Merlyn 5.0%
Great Orme Welsh Black 4.0%
Hoggleys Reservoir Hogs 4.3%
Keystone Porter 4.5%
Keystone Gold Spice Ginger 4.0%
Keystone Large One 4.2%
Kinver Edge 4.2%
Kinver Noble 600 4.5%
Kinver Half Centurion 5.0%
Kinver Crystal 4.5%
Kinver Khyber 5.8%
Malvern Hill Black Pear 4.4%
Malvern Hill Dodgy Banker
Milestone American Pale Ale 4.6%
Milestone Fletcher’s 5.2%
Milestone Raspberry Wheat Beer 5.6%
Milestone Sherwood Pale 3.9%
Milestone American Red Ale 5.0%
Milestone Comet 4.2%
Milestone Dasher the Flasher 4.5%
Moles Elmo’s Fire 4.4%
Moles Molecatcher 5.0%
Moles Molegrip 4.3%
NYB Flying Herbert 4.7%
Oldershaw Caskade 4.2%
Oxfordshire Ales Triple B 3.7%
Oxfordshire Ales Harvest Moon 4.5%
Oxfordshire Ales Blenheim 4.2%
Oxfordshire Ales Marshmead 4.7%
Oxfordshire Ales Winter’s Inn 3.7%
Oxfordshire Ales Uncle Scrooge 4.5%
Oxfordshire Ales Yuletide Tipple 4.8%
Oxfordshire Ales Pride of Oxford 4.2%
Oxfordshire Ales Marshmellow 4.7%
Plain Ales Innocence 4.0%
Plain Ales Inntrigue 4.2%
Plain Ales Arty Farty 3.9%
Plain Ales Wife’s Bitter 3.8%
Plain Ales Inndulgence 5.2%
Plain Ales Hairy Hooker 4.1%
Plain Ales Wreck the Halls 5.0%
Plain Ales Rudolph’s Ruin 4.5%
Plain Ales Stocking Filler 4.0%
Potbelly Aisling 4.0%
Potbelly Beijing Black 4.4%
Potbelly Best 3.8%
Springhead Bee’s Knees 3.9%
Springhead Drop o’ the Black Stuff 4.0%
Springhead Fallen Angel 4.5%
Springhead Leveller 4.7%
Springhead Maid Marian 4.5%
Springhead Roaring Meg 5.5%
Springhead Robin Hood 4.0%
Stonhenge Pigswill 4.0%
Stonhenge Great Bustard 4.8%
Stonhenge Danish Dynamite 5.0%
Stonhenge Rudolf 5.0%
Stonhenge Heel Stone 4.3%
Stroud Tom Long 3.8%
Stroud Fall 4.2%
Stroud Brewer’s Garden 4.2%
Three Castles Saxon Archer 4.0%
Three Castles Heritage 4.2%
Three Castles Corn Dolly 4.7%
Three Castles Turret 3.7%
Three Castles Autumn Daze 4.4%
Three Castles Knight’s Porter 4.6%
Titanic Lifeboat 4.0%
Titanic Steerage 3.5%
Titanic Black Ice 4.1%
Two Cocks Cavalier 3.8%
Two Cocks Puritan Stout 4.5%
Two Cocks Roundhead 4.2%
Weighbridge Ant Sally’s 4.5%
Weighbridge Pooley’s Garden 4.5%
Weighbridge Wild Blonde 4.1%
White Horse Bitter 3.7%
White Horse Wayland Smithy 4.4%
White Horse Village Idiot 4.1%
White Horse War Horse 4.9%
White Horse Rudolph the Red Nosed.. 4.8%
White Horse Black Horse Porter 5.0%
Wood Street Pale Ale 3.9%
Wood Street Golden Larch 4.5%
Wood Street Ebony Stout 5.0%
Wye Valley Wye Valley Bitter 3.7%
Wye Valley HPA
Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbody Gold 4.2%
Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbody Stout 4.6%
Wye Valley Butty Bach 4.5%
Wye Valley Hop 101 4.5%
Yates Holy Joe 4.9%
Yates Wight Winter 5.0%
Yates YSD 5.5%
Yates Undercliff Experience 4.1%