Is it payday week?

Do you know what? I’m not sure.

Maybe it’s because last Friday and Saturday were really busy. On Friday I thought there was a gin drinking tournament taking place!

We have some good stuff in the cellar including GWB, Arbor and Plain Ales. We also have a cask of Ramsbury Belapur IPA. Also a few beers from breweries we’ve not had before such as Cotleigh from down Taunton way in Zummerzet and a beer from Triple fff in Alton, Hants – Alton Pride which has won lots of awards over the years.

Did I mention Bristol Beer Factory? No? Well have a couple of theirs to throw into the mix.

Sorry but not a clue at the moment when any of them might be going on. Whatever you have is going to be good.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget the rugby on Saturday and Sunday.