It’s more of a dark grey Friday at The Hop

“Discount” – now there’s a word that gives me the shudders!

Following on from my Halloween rant, we can move swiftly on to Black Friday, grrrrrrr!

Don’t even get me started on the over use of the word “iconic”. So many b****y things are iconic nowadays…………………………… grrrrrrr!

Right then, at your  iconic Hop Inn tonight we have:

Red Dakota, an  iconic 5.4% beer from the  iconic Red Squirrel brewery

Kraftwerk a 5.5 % weissbier from Butts Brewery, named after the  iconic German electro band

The  iconic Enterprise from Shiny 4.6%

Old Smokey from Stonehenge (hang on, Stonehenge could be described as  iconic) a 5% stout